A trip down memory lane

For those that have been familiar with Lemonhaze for a while will remember that co-founder Brian Yauger’s first Washington company, and precursor to Lemonhaze was a data service called Tetratrak / Front Runner.

The first retailers in Washington opened their doors starting July 8, 2014. In July of 2015 Tetratrak recapped the first year of i502 with a white paper. In celebration of 5 years of i502, we wanted to temporarily post the 2015 white paper so that you can take a trip down memory lane.

Remember the context in July of 2015. For the first year of i502, the State of Washington assigned a 25% tax at all levels of licenses. (Retailer, Processor, and Producer). On July 1, 2015 the LCB changed to the current 37% tax model at the retail level. When this paper was released, the new tax had not gone into effect yet. The major argument of the industry at the time was how the new tax would effect mark ups at the retail level. Due to the way the data was released by the state in 2014, all of the numbers in the white paper did not include taxes.

We hope you have as much fun taking a trip down memory lane as much as we did. Enjoy!