Conrad Legendy


Conrad Legendy serves as PAX Labs’ Director of Medical Programs.  He works with PAX’s engineering and R&D teams to ensure that PAX’s cutting-edge technology remains aligned with the needs of the medical community.  That means keeping devices safe, accurate and repeatable, and working closely with researchers investigating the promise of cannabis as medicine.

Conrad is not your average Silicon Valley techie.  Prior to joining PAX, he served as a field leader in the International Committee of the Red Cross’s humanitarian operations in the Philippines, Mexico and Afghanistan.  It turns out that working in humanitarian operations in conflict zones is the perfect preparation for working in the modern cannabis industry: it taught him to navigate complex situations when the rules aren’t clear and the stakes are high, and imbued him with a commitment to keeping people safe, at any cost.

Outside of work, Conrad enjoys any creative task he can get his hands on — from home improvement and woodworking, to cooking and gardening.