How to thrive with social media

Social Media is one of the best ways to promote your product, but it can be difficult as well.  Our panel of social media influencers will help guide you through the mine field of building up a following.

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Shmuel Tennenhaus - Moderator

Co-founder of Lemonhaze and former VP of marketing for Big Fish Games, Shmuel will guide our discussion of how to navigate social media while trying to market a cannabis product.

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Bess byers AKA Cannabess

Bess Byers, also known as Cannabess, has over ten years of digital experience. Social media started out for fun but soon morphed into a way for Bess to promote her political nonprofit and now cannabis content. Bess does digital marketing and content creation for companies like Lazy Bee Gardens, Biscotti and Emerald Exchange. Her work has been featured on DOPE Magazine, Wiki Leaf, Leafly and more. Industry peers voted Bess “Dope Magazine’s 2017 Social Influencer of the Year” and High Times Magazine recently named her one of “12 Stoners to Follow on Social Media.” 

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Coming Soon

We are speaking with multiple great candidates to include on the social media panel.