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Thursday, October 26, 1pm -Leafly Room

Chris Wallis, J.D. – Senior Tax Manager - STA

Although 280E remains a substantial burden for cannabis-based companies, many traditional and sophisticated tax planning strategies remain viable and CAN be utilized by cannabis companies to substantially reduce taxes.  This seminar will examine how techniques relating to entity structuring and compensation planning can minimize taxes and increase asset protection, while exploring how more sophisticated techniques, which are commonly used by high net-worth individuals and business owners, can also be used to dramatically reduce taxes.

Uncovering the retail technology secrets of large scale retail operations

Thursday, October 26th, 2pm - Leafly Room

A tech-forward movement has revolutionized the modern retail environment and now the very same front-end retail tech is reshaping the cannabis space. These enterprise technology solutions are able to provide cannabis venues with a full technological ecosystem to easily train staff, advertise brands, drive sales and usher in a more personal customer service experience. Prepare to see beyond the obvious and score a glimpse into the future world of cannabis retail technology.

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