Panels are a great way to learn and get multiple points of view from several experts at the same time.  Lemonhaze Cannabis Convention is proud to bring some of the top experts in their fields together to help the industry.

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Mainstream media and cannabis

Moderated by Lester Black, marijuana reporter for The Stranger, this panel will explore mainstream media coverage of the cannabis industry.


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Social Media

Every day, cannabis companies have to deal with their content being deleted by social media platforms such as YouTube,Facebook, and Instagram. On this panel, we will talk with cannabis influencers on how to survive AND thrive on social media. 

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Labs and testing

Testing has been a hot button topic since the launch i502 .  We bring together scientists from Washington labs to discuss the methodology behind the testing, how to choose a lab for your brand, and why THC result varies  much from lab to lab, and

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Establishing a brand is a crucial component for gaining marketshare in a crowded marketshare. We will engage with experienced branding professionals on how to distinguish your product from all the other products on the market.  

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Marijuana Advertising

The advertising rules for marijuana are strict and complex. This panel will discuss the available ad options to promoting cannabis, both online and offline. 

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The Cannabis Investment Panel

Growing a cannabis company requires capital. The investment panel brings experts from multiple investment funds to discuss the best practices and trend for raising funds to scale your marijuana business. 


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Navigating the legal side of cannabis

Cannabis laws change rapidly and furiously . Our panel of legal cannabis experts will review the new laws coming into effect as well as the old laws that have recently changed.  The legal panel is a great place to find out how to keep your company in compliance.

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What makes edibles different

Edibles make up a significant portion of all cannabis transactions.  Yet the effects and dosages of edibles remain confusing for the average consumer. Our panel of edible experts will distill the mysteries of edible consumption and distribution. 

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Budtender Panel

Budtenders are the critical gatekeepers of the cannabis industry. Many consumers rely on budtender recommendations for their purchase decisions.  We look into HOW & WHY budtenders choose the brands and products they later recommend.  

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Marijuana & Banking

Banking can be a nightmare when your business is affiliated with marijuana. Our financial experts from credit unions and banks will discuss how to secure affordable banking services and ways tips to staying compliant. 

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Vaping technology

There are so many types of vaporizers/batteries/cartridges on the market! Learn from the experts who make the different types of vaporizers and batteries about what makes each product different.