Great Marketing by Sugarleaf

Happy Wednesday! Let's get right into it. There are so many excellent marijuana brands available on the market. This gives consumers a wide selection to choose from, which IMO is always a win. For brands though, this means more brands competing over the same limited shelf-space.

To survive in this market, cash flow is obviously crucial. But after that, it's about establishing a brand that resonates with consumers. In markets that are non-vertically integrated, it's even more pressing for brands to stand out. The Sugarleaf brand has caught my attention, twice now, by injecting PR and levity into their marketing strategy.

The first time Sugarleaf hit the social media lottery was with their Monica Lewinsky marijuana strain. That garnered a lot of press attention, never a bad thing for a brand competing with another 500+ brands and counting. I am not an expert on the legalities involved with naming a strain after a celeb and would suggest you consult with your attorney first :) 

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 11.27.25 AM.png

The second time the Sugarleaf marketing prowess grabbed me by the horns was last night. My friends and I were chilling last night and one of them pulled out a pack of pre-rolls. It was from Sugarleaf and the strain was Presidential Kush. Check out the accompanying sticker that was included in the mylar packaging. Brilliant! Why? Because unlike any other pack of pre-rolls, the political and satirical sticker in the Sugarleaf bag inspired this blog post...and is conssequenly driving more brand impressions for the Sugarleaf brand. 

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