An interview with Seattle singer & budtender OG Mambo Fresh

Happy Friday! The sun is out! At Lemonhaze 2018, we were graced with a live performance by the talented OG Mambo Fresh, aka Fungai Mvududu. This week, OG Mambo Fresh released his newest video. We want to share the video with the budtender community. 

In honor of the video drop, Lemonhaze sent Fungai a list of interview questions. 

Are you a Sativa guy or an Indica fellow?

I’m most definitely an indica fellow , I do have a few sativa favorites though . 

How does weed influence your music , other than music referencing pilot ?

Weed is a part of the creative process , sometimes a smoke session it directly leads to a thought . Other times Kush conversations provoke a thought that inspires a song or a message worth conveying. 

What is the best thing about being a budtender? 

Having access to the knowledge vendors and my peers have. Learning  and talking about pot is almost as fun as smoking it . 

Have you ever smoked pot with your parents? (I have!)

Not a freaking chance !!! Maybe my dad one day. 

How can the mj industry up its game? Meaning, what needs to happen to take marijuana to the next level?

On a national scale being able to trade genetics and information across state lines would elevate flower quality globally and elevate the game. 
Within Washington state I think we could do a better job of having information that’s real for customers to get. We have to many people using the labels and percentages on them to judge what to buy. 

What is your favorite munchie food? 

Steak and eggs makes me smile . Teriyaki is like a life style . Lol

What message do you want to spread with your lyrics/jams? 

Each project has different messages . I’m a multi- faceted individual . Many different sides of me and each having their own strong opinions on life . Sometimes I hope to inspire confidence in self and spread a message that provokes thought and good conversation . Other times I just want to paint the world I see on a canvas for the world to see . I speak my truths .

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