How to adopt a highway and legally advertise weed!

Happy Tuesday. Did you know that in addition to running ads in The Stranger, there is another legal channel to advertise your cannabis business?

According to the LCB ad laws,  "Adopt-a-Highway" signs erected by the Washington state department of transportation under a current valid sponsorship with the department of transportation are not considered advertising for the purposes of this section.

This gives much more depth to the word "highway". If highways were called soberways, I doubt these ads would be permitted. But the inclusion of "high" together with the "way", makes it highly obvious that there is empathy towards the cannabis industry. 

So how does one go about adopting a highway? What are the associated costs? Are you qualified to be raising a highway? How much does it cost to feed the highway? And if you in fact adopt a highway, what happens when the highway grows up and turns 18? 

While we do not have the answers to all the above questions, we do have some of the answers. The WSDOT site lists several approved contractors , which are companies who have employees who go out to pick up litter for the businesses (sponsors) that adopt a section of state highways or Interstate in Washington. The sponsors pay the contractors to do this. A lot of litter is picked up by having sponsored groups.  

We chatted with one of the approved contractors (Adopt A Highway maintenance corporation), who was gracious enough to answer our questions. They shared a presentation with details on the program, including associated costs + contact information. 

Long live marijuana advertising! 

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