Media Panel

Cannabis is defined to the majority of the population by the mainstream media and how they cover the industry.  The media panel looks into some of the goals and challenges that the mainstream media face when reporting on cannabis.

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Lester Black - Moderator

Lester is a staff writer and the cannabis columnist @ The Stranger. His work has also appeared in Seattle Weekly, Popular Mechanics, BeerAdvocate, Crosscut, The Taos News, and Albuquerque Journal.

Lester graduated magna cum laude from Boston University with a b.a. in political science and a b.s. in journalism.  



Debbie Cockrell is a reporter with The News Tribune in Tacoma. She has coordinated coverage of the cannabis industry in Washington state both as a business editor and reporter since the state's voters passed I-502 in 2012.  She has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Coming Soon

We are speaking with multiple great candidates to include on this panel.