Leafwerx is a cannabis producer & processor from the greater Wenatchee area in central Washington.  We specialize in on-the-go vapor and pre-roll products. Robust, strain-specific terpene profiles and memorable experiences at value prices are the hallmarks of Leafwerx products.

Lemonhaze marks the launch of the newest addition to Leafwerx’ product line: the Leafwerx PAX ERA Pod.

Available in both Refined and Ultra Refined variations, the Leafwerx PAX ERA Pod delivers the potency, taste, and strain personalities you’ve come to expect from Leafwerx’ CO2 cannabis extracts.

Leafwerx will also be featuring their Lil Blazers Pre-roll tins.These tins are filled with three .5g pre-rolls that are made from terpene-rich full flower and burn evenly. Tasty, potent, and shareable, these uncrushable tins of joints are the perfect companion to the nice weather seasons.  

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