Making Since of Lab Testing in i502 

Laboratory testing is one of the most misunderstood and talked about subjects in legal recreational marijuana.  Our panel looks into what are the standard operating procedures in i502 testing and some of the controversies that have effected the industry.

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TBD - Moderator

We are speaking with multiple great candidates to Moderate this panel.

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Nick Mosely - Confidence Analytics

Co-owner and operator of Washington state's leading cannabis research and quality assurance laboratory, Nick proudly manages a team of analytical chemists and microbiologists who are pushing the cutting edge of cannabis product analysis and process evaluation. Confidence Analytics certifies recreational and medical cannabis for human consumption, describes its variety of form and function, and pioneers new methods of extraction, purification, and agricultural production.

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Gordon Fagras-Trace Analytics

CEO and co-founder of Trace Analytics Inc. a state of the Art Certified Cannabis Testing and Research Laboratory that is currently in expansion.  With over 7 years cannabis industry experience ranging from active legislative guidance and rule making, to cannabis retail and seed to sale tracking.  Fagras boast a large list of industry initiatives, research and science projects promoting a global regulated cannabis market that provides clean and safe product to patients and consumers.