Edible Panel

Edibles are an amazing way to consume cannabis for some customers.  But they can be confusing as well.  Join us to for a discussion with some of the industries top experts as we look into how putting cannabis in edibles effects terpenes and potency.

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Edward Lafferty - Founder - Green Revolution 

Edward Lafferty believes that with the emergence of cannabis onto the global stage; there is a responsibility to showcase the potential of this wonderful plant.  He founded Green Revolution (Formerly Ethos Innovates) to bring to market consistent, high quality, and innovative products that serve a beneficial purpose and show the world that "there is more to this plant".  

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TBD - Moderator

We are speaking with multiple great candidates to moderate this panel.

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Stephanie LamB - Chef/Edibles Department Manager - Blue Roots

Stephanie began her culinary career 12 years ago as a custom cake and cookie decorator. Looking to expand her repertoire she began working for a few local bakeries as a production baker. In 2016 she left her job at Thomas Hammer to start her career in the i502 industry at Blue Roots. Stephanie has devoted the past two years perfecting methods of infusion, the endocannabinoid system, and the therapeutic benefits of psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids and terpenes.

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We are speaking with multiple great candidates to include on this panel.