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Cowlitz Gold Live Resin: we have partnered up with Emerald City Cultivation to bring their high quality terp sauce to the masses under our staple Cowlitz Gold brand.


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Urban Sap: top-shelf pre-rolls with .925 sterling silver tips that naturally resist germ transfer. 7-packs (3.5g total) come in a stylish custom-brushed aluminum case; 4-packs come in a glass tube hand-dipped in metallic wax, similar to a high-end cigar. We also have 2-packs infused with  kief & water-extracted full-spectrum powder. 


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Big Bear’s Honey: top-shelf cartridges with premium oil and a trendy wood tip. Stable, no additives, pesticide/chemical free, quartz glass, ceramic core, and 2 options: distillate and full-spectrum CO2. Also come in a glass tube hand-dipped in metallic wax.

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