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Circanna offers the largest selection of concentrated cannabinoids in WA through artfully crafted products for cannaseurs. Our flagship brand, Nectar Craft, creates delicious, innovative, and healthy ways to experience cannabis. Nectar Craft was founded in 2013 in Seattle with a desire to create an elevated vaping experience not available elsewhere. Through rigorous research, Nectar Craft has continued to expand its line of high quality products which include best-in-class capsules, topicals, dab oils, and vape hardware. Another popular brand at Circanna is the award-winning Oakor Breath Slips. These unique edibles provide discreet sublingual delivery for an all natural, low cost, and powerful way to enjoy cannabis. The Circanna family's newest arrival is the Tonic Liberty Vape Cart line. It offers the same premium CO2 oil Nectar Craft has become known for in a more affordable form factor. To learn more, visit us at

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