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Cultivating Cannabis Leaders from

Budtenders to Canna-sseurs:

Maximizing Potential

This session will focus on the role of the budtender and its impact on the future of our industry. We will share skills and strategies that can be used to inform consumers’ decisions and help drive the market. We will discuss the many different ways budtenders can continue to grow their professional profile and make themselves a more valuable asset and industry leader. We will also discuss ways companies and managers can ensure that they retain top talent.

2:00 - Introductions, Testimonies, What is a “Canna-sseur?”

  • ●  Speaker introduction and testimony.

  • ●  What is a “Canna-seur”?

2:20 - Not Just a Budtender

● The story of the budtender, its role, and its importance

2:40 - Budtenders Drive the Market

● Skills and strategies for influencing consumers’ decisions and in turn, driving the market. ○

How to educate consumer on matter such as harvest date, pesticide testing, and packaging waste.

3:00 - From Budtender to Leader

● Ways that budtenders can become more than budtenders through education and engagement with the greater community.

  • Learning how to engage in law and rule making

  • Educational resources and training for continued learning

3:20 - Retaining Talent, Building Leadership

● Sharing ways that owners and managers can continue to meet the needs of these budding leaders to make sure they don’t burn out or feel bored and leave.

  • Recognizing, rewarding, and nurturing talent

3:40 - Questions