Product Launch! 

Introducing 420 GOLD!!

Without doubt, this is The Finest Cannabis In The State! At Buddy Boy we have worked for years perfecting the Art and the Science of bringing out the best that this Noble Herb has to offer. It is not a job with Buddy, it is a Mission!  Our more than FORTY YEARS of Organic farming experience informs all we do to bring you the Best product possible.

We start with only our Finest strains. As these babies reach their peak we  scout our Organic green houses for the Best of the Best. We send  in  a special team  to carefully harvest them after which they are hang dried in a unique humidity and temperature controlled dry room for a Slow Dry to bring out all the flavors of these high Terpene ladies! 

After harvest these  buds are Finish cured in dark, airtight containers in our temperature controlled storage until they are at their Peak of Quality. These lovely buds are finally Hand manicured then packaged in sealed glass containers to retain the best natural characteristics of truly Fine cannabis.  Try this Special Treat today!

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About Buddy Boy Farm

Buddy Boy Farm is a Tier 3 producer/processor located in Ford, WA. 
Popular strains include: Sour Diesel, Blue Dragon, Black Cherry OG, Presidential Kush. Buddy Boy Farm also produces rocket vape pen cartridges.

Steve Walser is the CEO of Buddy Boy Farm (that's him in the logo!).

DJ Parker is the co-founder of Buddy Boy Farm and grew medical marijuana for many years.  


In addition to cannabis, the farm is surrounded by hundreds of acres of blueberries, apricots, hay and other traditional crops. Steve's wife also runs a nearby winery.

Some items of note: 

  • Steve has spent more than 40 years as an organic farmer and is known for growing the first organic produce sold at Costco
  • Buddy Boy Farm has bout 50 employees, mostly family and friends from the Ford and Springdale areas, are involved in growing, processing, packaging and customer service
  • All plants are hand-grown and Hand-trimmed, completely free of pesticides or other harmful chemical treatments 

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