Top selling marijuana brands, week of 4/20

Not sure if y'all are familiar, but in addition to parties/events, we spend a lot of time working with the cannabis data of Washington State. Because of the switchover from BioTrack to Leaf systems, our data output has been in flux. 

Glad to share that we are making inroads with the data and have published our first top brands report in a while! We plan to announce this later this week to the industry at large, but wanted to share this earlier with our community. 

Here is how it works; pot shops graciously share their retail sales data with lemonhaze. We aggregate the data, anonymize it, clean it up and publish the results as a free industry resource/tool. Think about is as the Billboard Charts for Pot. 

Click here to see the top selling brands from the week of 4/20. The categories in this report are:
Flower, Cartridges, Joints, Edibles, Infused Joints, Drinks & Tinctures, Topicals. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 4.56.40 PM.png
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