Meet the brains AND looks of Lemonhaze

Every office needs a rock to lean on. Someone who stays calm when the going gets tough. Someone who can keep their head in the game, even in such a crazy industry. 

We are fortunate to have Brian Yauger in the building. But even Brian needs to rest every few weeks. 

For the first time ever, we are revealing the secret force behind team Lemonhaze. Normally, we'd guard the asset behind layers of anonymity. But since this is a closed community, we are comfortable sharing this sensitive intel. 

Meet Ken. Spelled K-E-N. 


Ken is a man of few words. But he is as solid as they come. Why is he standing in a shower? Because he is a fan of personal hygiene and not afraid to show it. 

To help Ken overcome his extreme shyness, please feel free to a drop a hello in the comments section and we will do our best to pass the word on. 


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