Does your shop have an employee/industry discount?

Hola amigos. I hope you all enjoyed that tease of sunshine we experienced this morning. If you slept in and missed the sun, stay positive. She might be making another appearance in the next few weeks. Do you reckon people purchase more weed on rainy days? Hmmmm. I have seen stores tweet out things like "don't let the rain get you down...come in and buy some pot"...but have not had the opportunity to crunch the data. 

Now on to business. The business of industry discounts at shops. Here is the I see it, in a nutshell sense:

  1. Pot is a great product
  2. Legal ganja is affordable, accessible and high quality 
  3. An industry/employee discount on this already great product is: 
Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 1.22.45 PM.png

Unless you live under a moss-covered rock, not that there's anything wrong with that, it was an established fact that Uncle Ike's had a 40% industry discount. (Not sure if that discount is still as aggressive or if it has been tamed slightly.) That's INSANE in the brain. While this is certainly a good employee benefit, could there be another reason why Ike's would offer such a generous industry discount on the marijuanas? 

After contemplating the matter for hours on end, I discovered a deeper meaning to the Uncle Ike's best in breed industry discount. It's a marketing tactic and hopefully it works. Credit to The Stranger newspaper for the inspiration. Check out this print ad below from Ike's. Now look at the tagline: "SHOP WHERE THE INDUSTRY SHOPS". 


Case solved! The ad copy is a brilliant selling tool. Any consumer reading this thinks "if the industry shops there, it must be good enough me too". Cha-ching! But how can Uncle Ike's claim that the industry does in fact shop at Uncle Ike's? That's where the industry discount comes in. So you see my dear Watson, Ike's always wants to drive MORE consumers to their shops. To do so, they need to establish street cred. Enter the industry discount and you can unequivocally state "Shop where the industry shops". 

By the way, MAD PROPS to the shops who have extended their industry discount to the Lemonhaze team. You are all going straight to heaven for that deed. 

A few burning questions: what is your store employee discount? does it extend to the industry? How do people validate they actually work in the industry? Does a badge suffice or do you require a paystub or a matching urine sample to be extra cautious. Please comments as inquiring minds would like to know. 

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