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Lyft vouchers for transportation
Please check out our transportation page. We've partnered with Lyft to subsidize your ride home on May 14th AND May 15th. Please be responsible and safe. Before the event, we'll email out the voucher code. The code will save you $5 on the ride. 

Budtenders Got Talent
In addition to the fabulous artists who are performing at Lemonhaze 2018, we are delighted to announce that several budtenders will also be displaying their vocal talents on stage. On Tuesday evening May 15th, @ The Stables, budtender Tess Davenport from Budhut will be singing. You can check out Tess on Spotify

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 12.38.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 12.38.44 PM.png

On Tuesday evening May 15t, OG MamboFresh will be also be sharing his musical talents on stage @ The Stables. Mambo Fresh is a budtender at Greenside Seattle.

OG MamboFresh is creating more than a “buzz” on the West Coast and especially in the Pacific Northwest, as he strives to become the epitome of Hip-Hop. This Zimbabwe born but Seattle raised artist has a brand that is picking up steam nationwide. You can find him on Twitter & Instagram. Here's a YouTube clip of MamboFresh. 

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Door Prizes
Big news in our little office; we'll be giving out a door prize to the first one-hundred (100) attendees on Monday morning (May 14th). The door prize is a Miron Glass Curing Jar to keep your buds fresh and those terpenes intact. Photo here. These retail for $14. Special thanks to for sponsoring these items. 

About MyPharmJar
Cannabis is a valuable, highly-regulated and fragile crop that requires unique care for transporting, stocking and storage. MyPharmJar combines more than a half century in biophotonic research and development with 30 years in network engineering to bring a completely unique solution to address all these special needs. Dark violet glass infused with gold, Miron glass blocks dangerous visible light while allowing desirable amounts of violet, ultraviolet (UV-A) and infrared. The look, weight and feel of MyPharmJar curing jars make them perfect for a high-end retail look, with custom labeling and engraving available. With an accessible price point, MyPharmJar is perfect for any use –home, retail dispensary or cultivator.


We added a much easier to understand schedule for the event. 

Ready to begin networking/learning more about the exhibiting brands? Check out the brand pages we created for budtenders. Lots of great videos and pictures from all the great companies.