Advertising  Panel

Advertising your cannabis business is hard.  Regulations around adverting has left cannabis companies limited on places to spend their advertising budget.  The advertising panel looks into different advertising possibilities that will get you the most for your money. 

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Meghan Larson - Moderator

Meghan is the CEO of Adistry. Early in her career, she cut her teeth in SMB marketing and media sales for local publishers and conferences. After leading several startups to success, Meghan co-founded Adistry - a platform that automates the buying and selling of media and sponsorships.

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Wes Ward

Wes Ward is the Senior Marketing Executive at the Spokesman-Review in Spokane.  Wes is the co-founder of Evercannabis.  Evercannabis covers complete industry news in Washington.  A distributed publication on the last Friday of every month to the entire Spokesman-Review circulation.

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Adam Smith

Prior to co-founding Avitas Agriculture Adam Smith was VP of Global Digital Business Operations for ESPN.  He provides a unique perspective on advertising and trying to advertise in the cannabis industry.